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IT's about our customers, really.

S3M Consulting has positioned itself as solution supplier of choice for a vast array of customers from very diverse sectors, including automotive, defense, government, telecommunications, mining, travel, banking and insurance, logistics, software development, transport, geological exploration and many more.
To serve its customers, S3M focuses on growth in domains where its customers are best served. Simple, yet effective. Customers want deep expertise and high quality delivery in services often not part of their own core-business. S3M delivers.
A brief overview of our history is testimony of this continuing pursuit of synergies and complimentary expertise in best interest of its customers.

Customer Focus ?!


Founders and industry experts decide to join forces in S3M Corp (STREAM) focusing on software development outsourcing initiatives – at the time not mainstream and certainly no obvious choice. S3M rapidly gains visibility and credibility in its Western European market; from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean.

Initial organization to streamline individual professional’s industry expert service and support offerings.


S3M Corp is partner of choice in the highly pressurized booming software and technology sectors during the months before the infamous Y2K. S3M helps organizations realize their software and data system modifications goals, through focused priority and targeted delivery of desired technological objectives.

From initial establishment of technology partnership to realization of first benefits, often no more than a week passed. Time pressures and the biggest deadline in a thousand years did not pose a mentionable challenge to S3M’s responsiveness and reliability.


S3M Corp acquires Katz and Daugh, LLP, Montreal, Canada and expands into American and Canadian markets – securing government contracts, as well as specialized aerospace and mining technology consultancy assignments.

Increased markets allow broader fine tuning and alignment of best practices, allowing customers to benefit from broader streamlining and optimization of their technology facing processes.


S3M forms strategic alliances with specialized firms in Eastern Europe, Far East and Canada to provide turnkey solutions to its expanding customer base.

Growing budget pressures at the customer means S3M searches beyond borders of its home markets to find expertise available at competitive prices. Furthermore initial explorations are made to enable S3M to offer follow-the-sun operational support.


Software Development Competence Centers open in Montreal, Paris, and Sofia to ensure and promote optimal flow of expertise and new insights in emerging technologies.

Readily available expertise and experts, both in house and offshore means customers can count of a vast and growing pool of knowledge available to every S3M consultant.


S3M becomes preferred supplier of choice for several multinationals in automotive, banking, security and logistics.

Standing framework agreements allow faster responses to complex technology and consultancy needs. Simplified proposal and acceptance cycles means we can increase focus on the activities enabling the solution to a problem, rather than heavy negotiation and administration.


S3M Corp and K Consulting merge into S3M Consulting, and with local presence in Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, France and the United States and France, continue to expand service offerings to a client base with international corporations as well as local businesses in very diverse industry sectors.

S3M Consulting is a local solution supplier, with global reach and pools of experts. Increased scale and reach, expanded proximity, access to large and lower cost pools of professionals… Simply stated – from a customer perspective: more bang for the buck!


S3M Group acquires Lang Consultants in Hong Kong and Pitbull Software in Adelaide, Australia. S3M becomes preferred supplier of more than 40 multinationals, to supply industry experts, coaches and trainers, and experts are also requested frequently in universities and schools to help young people find pleasure and understanding in abstract technological concepts.

Increase of global competence centers, and the local availability of instructor networks, allows an integrated solution of software development, system configuration and instructor trainings to ensure customer’s investments render maximized benefits through their whole operational lifecycle.


S3M keeps growing, even in unsure economical times due to its constant pursuit of efficiency and productive measures in business. The Test Competence Center in Bulgaria ends first in a European ranking of Test and Quality Centers.

While the customer organization focuses on the challenges in their line of business, S3M keeps focus on resource efficient delivery of results to withstand economical downturns and seize opportunities in changing markets.


S3M is instrumental in the CIO of the year award in Belgium, and wins several awards throughout Europe. Focus also goes to growth of local business expertise in East-Asia, as many partners and customers are shifting their focus towards the East.

S3M’s continuous drive to quality results in recognition increasing visibility and allowing positioning of larger scale initiatives at highly competitive prices.


S3M expands its Circle of Partners, and forms an alliance with European Software Institute (ESI Tecnalia), Bilbao, Spain. S3M celebrates 10 years, and confirms 10 years of double digit growth.

Experts at S3M realize the ever growing diversity of industry standards, for quality, security, audit, processes, business continuity, maturity models are best served through strategic partnerships with domain experts in their respective domains.


Additional partners at S3M bring additional colors to the spectrum of its corporate vision and access to resources positioning the company for growth in Asia and Eastern Europe.

Customers in North America and Western Europe, with expanding operations in Asia, can continue to rely on local presence of S3M expertise, even on cross border initiatives.


The Consultancy and Outsourcing activities grow steadily as an increasing number of consultants decide to team up with S3M, to seek  win-win-win opportunities.

A larger pool of available specialists ensure the right person at the right time is available to answer to the often rapidly evolving customer needs in difficult economic times.


The future is still being written…

S3M’s “ability to deliver” and “will to achieve” continues, striving to the most efficient utilization of resources, and the “going the extra mile” quality results customers have grown accustomed to.

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