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Sometimes you know very well what you want to do, but need guidance on how to achieve it.

Often you know where you want to go, but you don’t know what you may encounter on the road and you want to be able to anticipate what’s coming.

…a management consultant can bring substantial insight from the start, allowing you to hit the ground running.

The domain of management consultancy literally spans all disciplines and industry sectors, and descriptions don’t do it justice. An initial meeting on YOUR specific needs and vision is the first step in determining the approach of how and where S3M experienced leaders can assist you.

S3M Consulting has in-house management consultants, and works together with industry leading organizations and executive search firms to match the right skill sets to your needs.

“When - as a result of the acquisition - our organization had to initiate a series of fundamental technology changes in a short timeframe, we were pleased that we could count on the right people from S3M Consulting without delay. This proved instrumental for the successful response to the technological challenges we were facing.”
Alain Deschênes
CIO, Fortis

“Intellectual Property and dozens of partially finished projects were at the heart of the value of the organization. Technological intangibles were accurately catalogued and valorized by the experts of S3M, which made the sale to Autodesk an operation where a clear vision on the technological roadmap formed the basis for a solid agreement.”
Richard Szalwinski
CEO, Discreet Logic


As an entrepreneur, you think:

I succeeded in building this business. Things have been going well. The business is growing and my staff is generating revenue for my organization. We could expand and scale up production. I know the bank is behind me, they are interested in granting me additional loans…

Do you know your staff is often thinking:

Another day of work. Another day to be paid for doing what I am being told or asked. Since we have to work anyway, let’s make it as nice as possible at work. Let’s all look for corners we can cut. If nobody is watching, I can work a little less hard, or even pretend I am working… When there is a new product or client, let’s focus on trying to do things in the way things have always been working here, because then we don’t have to change what we know already. That way, we have to put in less effort…

Reality check:

When processes are not well designed, any organization is subject to a process similar to the principle of least resistance. Staff, as a group, is naturally lazy. The few individuals that are more productive, often have to deal with envy amongst peers. Most importantly, through proper BPR, your business often does not need to expand to become more productive and efficient. The net result of immediate increased productivity is often more substantial than the greater potential following an expansion of the business. In other words, achieve more the same (or even less).


Your business is expanding. You know your products and services and not too many people can fool you about them. A growing business has a staffing requirement that spans many different professional fields. One of the building blocks of our business is technology solutions. Software. Hardware. Computer infrastructure. We do not claim to be refrigeration specialists, or freight and cargo professionals. But we have a team of technology gurus. They know about computers, coffee and pizzas (the latter two only supporting working with the first one).

When you need legal advice, would you ask a fisherman?
When you want to know all about fish, would you ask a lawyer?


Working in a large organization, reporting to a board of directors or senior management? Or reporting to commissions, committees, delegations, regulators etc?

Working in a small to medium organization which has to provide business reports to investors, banks, partners, venture capitalists?

We provide the professional services of an entire department focused on transforming data into information. Whether the data comes from balance sheets, financial statements, market filings, accounting software, databases or paper based, and whether the information is needed in print, in electronic format; on-screen presentation, or for further use within the organization, turning data into relevant information is their daily focus.

The technical realization is only one of the several aspects of good management reports. We develop targeted reports to a well defined audience. After all, management reports have to focus on the right elements of all the data available in order to support an efficient decision making process.

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